Taylor GA4-12 – 12 String Ovangkol DISCONTINUED Grand Auditorium Acoustic 414 / 414e 314 414ce 214 214ce 314ce HUGE Tone!

$ 1399.00

Taylor GA4-12

Great price on a high-spec discontinued Taylor 12 string.

Very hard to find one these days. Discontinued for many years.

Grand Auditorium Shape

Solid Spruce Top

Solid Ovangkol back and sides – this is a tonewood that sounds very similar to Rosewood in it’s tonal character and resonant frequency spectrum.  Rosewood guitars are not more expensive because they sound better, but because the wood is more expensive.  This is arguably the closest tonewood to rosewood in terms of tone.  

This guitar has great low action and plays like a dream.   

The tone is big and full.  It sounds like a big dreadnought but retains that nice Taylor sparkle, and the legendary Taylor playability. 

Comes with original Taylor Archtop hard shell case

I have owned countless 12 strings, as I prefer it to 6 string, including a ton of Martin and Taylor 12 strings. This is one I have kept for many years when I sold the rest. It was barely played though as I have a ton of guitars and never get to play any of them. Now I am moving and basically selling everything, so I want it to go to to a good home where it will be played.

It has been kept in its case in my home in a climate controlled bedroom. It was the best combination of tone and playability I ever found in a 12 string.

Ships to continental USA and Canada only.