Taylor 414ce ES1 (05/24)

$ 1824.73

400 = GA size when it was established in Ovancor. The pickup system is ES1 and the clean sound omission is still divided into ES2 and preference. Only Top has a gloss finish, Side & Back, the neck has a satin finish, the head joint method is the same scarf joint as the current one, and it is compatible with 9V battery.

In the condition, there are many fine dents on the top. The back and the back of the neck are beautiful. The bridge pin has been replaced. It is a nice point that the battery box has been replaced with a wide one with high versatility in recent years. Comes with an original hard case.

Truss rod: There is room in the tightening / loosening direction
Fret: About 70% to 80%
Year of manufacture: 2004
Country of manufacture: USA
Case: Hard case / Genuine
Product condition: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Serial: 20080204032
Weight: kg
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