Taylor 412ce Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ Case

$ 1599.99

Taylor 412ce Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ Case.

Extremely nice playing beautiful Taylor 412ce! The electronics work perfectly. It just got setup with new strings. This guitar has a very beautiful tone and it’s in very good condition. It only has one extremely small indention on the back of the top of the headstock. Also, the clear coat finish on the headstock started to lift a little bit so I had it professionally polished to make the headstock finish look new again. This guitar is a 2003 and it comes with the original case. The case has signs of external wear but this is just cosmetic and doesn’t affect anything. This guitar does have signs of fret use on the high E and B strings but there is no buzzing at all and this doesn’t affect how it plays at all. This guitar has an amazing tone and it’s been kept in very good condition. Great deal for the price!