TAYLOR 314ce ES 1 (05/25)

$ 1534.56

“Player’s condition! Value for money!”

This is Taylor’s representative model 314ce. Made in 2011 with the ES1 pickup system as standard equipment.
There is a paint crack of about 5 cm at the bottom right of the top, and dents and scratches are scattered all over, and the paint on the back of the neck is also shiny. There is a chip on the edge of the headstock, and you can see a slight floating of the paint film on the headstock plate. Also, it seems that a third party pickup was added in the past, an output jack hole has been added to the body end and it is not blocked, magic tape for the battery box remains in the body You can also see the marks on the double-sided tape with the wiring fasteners attached.
The condition of the neck is appropriate, and the height of the frets remains about 60%, and it has been rubbed, and the playability and sound are perfect. Although there are traces of damage and processing, playability is ensured and it is one that can be used as a practical machine.
A pure hard case is attached, but this also has some external damage such as peeling of the vinyl and leather on the exterior, but it does not hinder practical use.
It is a player’s condition item at a reasonable price.

: Made in 2011
Accessories: Genuine hard case with damage
Serial: 1109191026

Product rank: B

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