Taylor 214ce K DLX (05/24)

$ 1405.72

The DLX series is located at the top of the Mexican Taylor. It is also attractive to have a wide variety of side, back, and sometimes top materials like this model. This uses a layer wood core material for the side and back, and comes with an all-gloss finish and a hard case. The pickup system is equipped with ES2, which is the same as the upper model, and the gold pegs also play a luxurious feel.

The condition is a beautiful item with very little usability. The neck angle has been adjusted and the frets have been rubbed together at an authorized domestic distributor, so playability is perfect. This neck angle adjustment is probably Taylor’s greatest advantage. Comes with an original hard case.

Truss rod: There is room in the tightening / loosening direction
Fret: 70% -80%
Year of manufacture: 2019
Country of manufacture: Mexico
Case: Hard case / genuine
Product condition: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Serial: 2101089065
Weight: kg
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