Takamine 360s 1986 – Natural

$ 850.00

1986 Takamine 360s acoustic guitar in great condition. This guitar has lived in a case for the vast majority of its life and is in incredibly good shape for an acoustic that is 36 years old. I’m way more an electric guitar player but needed a good acoustic for a recording session and a couple gigs I did a few years ago. I noticed that the estate of a young prodigy banjo player named Jimmy Henley was being sold and this guitar was gifted to him by Takamine and had literally never been used and sat in storage since 1986 (the original stickers and tags were even still on it).

The only reason it’s not listed as “excellent” is because there is a small indent on the top near the bridge (see photo, I accidently made the mark with a bridge peg while changing strings a few years ago), and a Schaller strap lock peg has been professionally installed on the heel of the neck (which I decided to have installed for stage use). Of course you could always opt to not use the strap lock and just tie your strap to the headstock, but I will include a pair of Schaller strap locks in case you want to use one. The nut and frets are in excellent condition. The action was professionally lowered a bit a couple years ago and it is very comfortable to play. I have played guitar for a long time and I don’t hear any fret buzz whatsoever. Hard case included.