SYairi YD 304 Natural (05/24)

$ 994.05

Spruce veneer is used for the top, and Hakalanda plywood is used for the sides and back. The back is 3P with Hakalanda plywood and maple sandwiched between them.
Horizontal logo decals, Schaller pegs, secure neck grips, original shaped bridges with rounded corners, etc.

There are many dents, scratches, and scratches that are suitable for aging.
There is cloudiness on the sides and back.
The position mark has been replaced.
Some of the decorations on the bridge pin are out of stock.
There is a feeling of use over the years.
There is a strap pin relocation (there is a break in the screw).
There is a weather check overall.

Product rank: B (normal product)

Year of manufacture: Made in 1976
Truss rod: None
Fret: 60% -70%
Accessories: Soft Case / Non-genuine
Country of origin: Japan
Weight: 2.15kg
Serial: 6187

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