Rask Transcend Orchestra 2023 – Gloss Poly

$ 18000.00

The allure of “The Phoenix” begins with its breathtaking materials. The back and sides boast a singular piece of chechen, its natural beauty unparalleled in its rarity and elegance. Crowned with a sitka spruce soundboard, each note resonates with clarity and depth, while the chechen fretboard, adorned with macassar ebony century block inlays on every fret, invites players into a realm of sonic enchantment.

This guitar is not only a feast for the ears but a visual symphony. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the black Schaller GrandTune open gear tuning machines with ebony buttons to the 125,000-year-old woolly mammoth tusk used for the nut, saddle, position markers, and Rask logo. Each component is a testament to the reverence for both tradition and innovation.

The story behind the bridge of “The Phoenix” is a testament to the profound connection between creativity and inspiration. As Robert and Terry deliberated over the bridge’s composition, uncertainty lingered until a pivotal moment of clarity. In a literal dream, Robert was guided through the construction process, seamlessly intertwining ebony and chechen to create a bridge that embodied the essence of their collaborative vision. This extraordinary revelation materialized into reality, symbolizing the transformative power of artistic intuition and dedication.

Celebrities and virtuosos alike have lent their talents to “The Phoenix,” including luminaries like Greg Camp of Smash Mouth, the late Mike Ward of The Wallflowers, Charlie Colin of Train, and many more. Among its esteemed players are Grammy winners and renowned musicians, such as Markku Lappalainen of Hoobastank, Kenny Harris of Panic at the Disco, Jerrod Bettis of One Republic, and Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind. When Ty Herndon beheld its splendor, he proclaimed it among the most beautiful guitars he had ever seen.