RARE! USA Ernie Ball Earthwood Flattop Circa 1972 – ACOUSTIC Guitar

$ 3900.00

I believe this was made around 1972 in the United States of America by Ernie Ball earthwood. These are very rare guitars as only a few of these were made. They also made bass guitars very similar to this. The body is extra deep and is a sound Cannon! It comes with the original gig bag that has two zippers on it. The top zipper is broken and needs to be repaired but the rest of the gig bag is in decent condition. It also comes with the capo and the vintage guitar strap with the metal buckle on it. Both are included in this sale. If you notice between the pickguard and the bridge. There is some finish that looks like it was either a minor repair or some cosmetic issue. I’m not sure and it’s very difficult to photograph. Just know that it is there. The bridge looks flat to me but you can slide a piece of paper corner under some areas. ***Please note the bridge may require some attention, including possibly re-gluing***

The action on the guitar is absolutely fantastic. I just set it up with new strings and wiped it down. If you were going to play the guitar or put it in your collection, I recommend polishing the frets and doing an intonation setup to your style. All in all, the guitar is in very good condition with fingernail marks in the fretboard on the first three frets only. I do not believe the original owner of the guitar played much more than the first three frets doing cowboy chords. The label is a little loose inside. I will let you decide what you want to do with that to reattach it. I was thinking rubber cement but you may want something different. Original tuners. The guitar seems to be all original and is very very cool and very hard to find! Would that sad? This is a vintage guitar. It is used and there are imperfections on the guitar. The guitar is sold as is. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds. I am not a guitar store. I am a individual human being that just happens to have a lot of guitars. I have been collecting and playing for over 30 years and have good feedback here on Reverb. Just understand it is a used guitar that does need some TLC but overall very good.