RARE 1967 Harmony Barclay Parlor (929) Cherry stripe burst PLAYER with wooden bridge and rubber bridge

$ 300.00

Whenever I see a Barclay, I buy a Barclay. I think they’re my favorite of the Harmony US-made white labels.

If you aren’t familiar, Barclay was Harmony’s white label for the Unity mail order catalog. This guitar is essentially an H929 with a different headstock and finish.This one is a ’67 and represents the high point of Harmony’s boom era production.

As far as playing, this one is a winner. Very nice tone from the solid birch, excellent intonation with the bridge lined up and surprisingly easy on the fingers. Really decent action for a Harmony parlor, and there is some room to shave the bridge if you’d like. Otherwise: tunes, plays excellent, straight neck, dead flush top, zero fret wear. This thing is also perfectly assembled, airtight and built like a brick house.

I love the unique finish on the Barclay parlors and this one is in great shape. Still overall extremely shiny and the pinstriping and rosette are perfect, The tailpiece is like new and this thing has the cleanest Waverly bell end tuners I’ve ever seen. There is some wear here and there, all pictured: couple gouges on the top union with the body and one ding in the fretboard (does not affect playing), and a little paint crinkle/peel near the bottom of the back. I’m listing it as excellent condition, because playing/construction/working parts are exceptional.

I’ll package this guitar with a rubber bridge, so you can explore the different tones.

Just a cool little guitar that looks special and sounds like nothing you’re gonna find today.