Ovation Adamas 1597 1999 Grey Graphite

$ 1350.00

Ovation Adamas 1597 in fully working condition!

This guitar was played on quite a few tours so there are many signs of usage. Please read the following descriptions while refer to photos carefully so you know exactly what you are getting:

– There is a small chip on the headstock, to the right of “Ovation” logo. It is not too big so the iconic Ovation axe-shaped headstock is still maintained.
– There are many scratches/dents on the back of the neck, from playing and traveling.
– There are two cracks on the ebony fingerboard, one runs across 14th-16th fret and the other is at the 18th fret. This is common to guitars with this age and does not affect playability. 
– The upper multi-soundhole has two small sections with missing leafing, and the adjacent ones are lifted a little bit. This is very common to Ovation Elite-style soundhole leafing of this age.
– The back has some while/yellow residue substance, possibly from removed stickers. They are removable if you carefully scrap them.

-The guitar is a workhorse but has never been abused. There are no structural damages like top/body/neck cracks, lifting bridges, deformed top, etc.

– The action is in specs. Easy to play without excessive buzz.

Acoustic sound:
– This guitar has a crisp yet strong, full-sounding voice thanks to its carbon fiber top, very unique to Ovation. It is one of the very few guitars that you can tell by listening to it blindfolded.

– The built-in Optima preamp works and sounds great. Optima is the preamp with the highest signal-to-noise ratio that Ovation has ever made, outperforming any of their current Op-series preamps. This guitar has a strong and crystal clear output, perfect for stage use.
– This Adamas is also equipped with a thinline pickup, instead of the bigger “OCP-1” pickup. The benefit of this pickup is that it shares the same dimensions of a regular guitar saddle, which will make it easier if you want to replace the pickup with an aftermarket product one day.

Hard-Shell Case:
– The original case took most of the harsh traveling conditions and do show a ton of signs of usage: cracks, dents and splits. The strap inside of the case holding the lid from opened all the way down is loosen, so the lid can be opened all the way flat as pictured. Also, the accessory compartment is missing its cover. The locking latch is missing, but all the four regular latches are still in working condition so the case is still usable and still protects the guitar well.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!