Ovation 1687GT-8 Adamas I

$ 5830.50

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Adamas was born in 1976 from the further quest for the raw sound of Ava Starter Charlie Kaman. Many prototypes were produced in 1976-77 and manufactured around 1978. Established a model of the remaining style, and the popularity of it is still not known. The popular Adamas has been revived in 2017, but its production is not stable and it is difficult to see distribution. Meanwhile, the long -awaited arrival of USA Adamas! This instrument is the most popular style “1687GT-8 Adamas I”. Adamas’s unique carbon fiber top, lira cord resin deep bowl, walnut fingerboard & bridge, sheller gold peg, wood fingerboard inlay, multiple epoleet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, multiplet, inlay, walnut fingerboard & bridge, walnut fibernet, walnut fibertop, walnut fibernet, walnut fibertop, walnut fibertop, walnut fibertop, walnut bowl, walnut fiberneck, walnut fiberneck Sound hole, OP PRO STUDIO preamplifier, original adamus fan breaking. A gorgeous and outstanding sculpture head and bridge on a non -cutaway deep bowl body. Speaking of Adamas! One of the bright reversible blue bursts. A deep sound unique to Deep Bowl Adamas. Still, it is crisp, and comprisable response is easy to play and can be played aggressively. Versatile style, which covers all play styles, from mellow play to funky cutting and dynamic stroke, has left its sound by many players. In addition, the high -end preamplifier “OP Pro Studio”, which has an expert in the 3 -band EQ, is a preamplifier that enables more aggressive sound makeup. Not only the conventional Adamas sound, but also the band -adjusted bandwidth with a drive knob, you can get a thick tone before it appears. Of course, it is one of the practical groups that demonstrate the potential on the stage, of course. Thank you for your patience, please use it.

Condition: New
Body Type: Deep Bowl Non-Cutaway
TOP: Ultra-The carbon Fiber
Bracing: Adamas Fan
Fretboard: Walnut
Fingerboard Inlay: Maple & Ebony
Bridge: Carved Walnut
Rosette: Multi Soundhole
Machines: GOLD Schaller
Pickup: OP Pro Studio
Nutwidth: 42.9mm
Scale Length: 641.35mm
Case: Original Hard Case


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