Ovation 1627 Glen Cambell [SI295]

$ 1235.00

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Product Details

Top: Citocus Plus veneer
Body: Lira Code (Mid Depth)
Neck: 5pc Mahogany & Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony

There is a feeling of use such as the shrinking of the fingerboard ending, the neck grip dent near the 1F, and the feeling of use such as detailed scratches, dents, and bilting scratches, but there is no particularly noticeable damage.

E Fret remaining: About 70 %
E Truss rod: I can afford it
E Neck: Light waves can be seen.
E Electrical system: No problem

There are electrical repair marks such as battery boxes, top wood deflections, and light wave waves of the neck,
The current play condition is good. There is no problem with the sound.

E String height (12 frets): 6 string side about 2.3 mm, 1.8mm on the first string side

* The string height fluctuates slightly due to the impact of the climate. Please feel free to contact us for the most recent figures.

[Adjustment content]
E Overall cleaning
E Neck adjustment
E String height adjustment

Serial number:#179763
Our store management number: si295

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