McPherson MG 3.5 2016-19 Quilted Maple / Engelmann Spruce

$ 6800.00

This is a stunning McPherson MG 3.5 with a pickup! Quilted maple and Engelmann spruce give a bright and robust sound that only a McPherson can produce. The year is in question, the prior owner thought it was a 2018 so I have a call into McPherson to find out the exact year. The guitar is in excellent condition, but as it is used there are some blemishes. It has a very small nick on the headstock, an eraser head size surface rash on the lower bout side, some play-wear and some hairline marks in the finish. I only found two hairline finish blemishes, there could be more as the guitar is used so it is not without minor imperfections. I will say that the quilted maple makes it very hard to see any imperfections.
There is an original McPherson case that will come with the guitar.
At this time, we are not offering shipping on this instrument, but we will drive up to 150 miles from Omaha to deliver