Martin STYLE 0 (05/22)

$ 1001.40

Normal production of ukulele started in 1916. The production line disappeared in 1977, but in the 1920s the ukulele boom in the United States began to spread at a tremendous pace and was in the limelight in the jazz music scene rather than Hawaiian. It is a proof that Martin’s quality has been recognized.

This one is one of the models with MADE IN USA engraved on the inside of the body back since 1987. The year of manufacture is unknown, but it is believed to be from the mid-1960s, as production has dropped sharply since 1968. Considering the age, it is a very beautiful individual, a simple model with mahogany body, neck, rosewood fingerboard, no binding, sound hole puffing, and 3 dot position mark.

The body top has a clean coating surface with few scratches and a slight bulge at the bottom of the bridge, but it is in good condition considering aging. Although there are scratches on the front and back of the tip of the head, the left and right corners may be a miracle without damage. The painted surfaces on the sides, back and back of the neck are very beautiful. There are paint cracks of about 15 mm in length at positions of about 5 mm on both the left and right sides of the back and waist constrictions.

The string height is about 3mm for both the 1st and 4th strings on the 12th fret, the saddle height is about 2mm, the nut width is 3.6mm, and the neck is almost straight, so it is in very good condition overall. .. Each type of hard case of unknown brand and age is attached.
Product rank: B

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