Martin Standard Series D-41 2022 Ambertone

$ 4499.00

The Martin D41 1933 Ambertone is the type of guitar you bring to your girlfriend’s parent’s house to show them how sophisticated and honorable you are.

Many of you woke up today with a hole in your heart. My dad would say that hole is where Jesus goes. My brother would say something outwardly sexual that would border on not even being an innuendo. I say maybe buying a basically brand new Martin D41 1933 Ambertone acoustic guitar will fill that hole.

This guitar can be purchased brand new for $5399, and it will not come with an LR Baggs Anthem pickup professionally installed. If you’re a sucker who hates money and common sense fiscal responsibility, then you should go buy a new one.

However, if you are wise and astute in your comings and goings, you’ll soon realize you can buy this guitar (which is basically brand new) WITH an LR Baggs Anthem pickup professionally installed for $900 less than a new one of this guitar without an LR Baggs Anthem professionally installed.

Realistically, the hole in your heart is probably from the soul-crushing anxiety that comes from being an adult human in the year 2023, knowing full well each of our endless numbered days begin and end with fear, exhaustion, and regret over how that one time in 5th grade we tattled on a classmate because we were told it was the right thing to do, but now we feel like a clodpoll.

But it might be Jesus. Either way, I hope you buy this guitar.

$4499 OBO willing to ship anywhere in the lower 48 and maybe even the other ones. Go in peace.