Martin HD28 1977

$ 4263.92

The (pre-)war era D28’s are among the most coveted guitars on the market. In 1976, Martin made a D28 model more reminiscent of the ‘Golden Era’ of the 1930s and 1940s. It marked the return of the herringbone purfling and the introduction of the HD28!

But it’s not just the herringbone purfling that makes this a great guitar. The scalloped bracing makes this Martin sound balanced, resonant, defined and warm. And, like a Martin dreadnought should, it offers plenty of volume! It’s perfect for strumming or flatpicking, but would also be a loyal companion for a singer-songwriter in need of some proper power.

While the bridge and bridge plate have been replaced, it is still in excellent condition now! And besides the usual repaired ‘pickguard crack’, it has no other cracks or scars. A neck reset has made sure that the playability is optimal and that it is ready for the years to come. It has the playwear you can expect, but it is also remarkably clean for its age. And the weatherchecking on the top really proves that it has aged very nicely.

Comes in a hardshell case with the original bridge and TFOA passport.