Martin D-1R 1994 Acoustic Guitar w/Hard case F/S

$ 600.00

The D -1 R is reasonably priced, yet has high quality construction and firmly inherits the Martin sound.
The rosewood side and back design of this model is still very popular.

The sides and back are laminated (plywood), but quality wood is used and the sound is very good and satisfactory.

The lackluster all-satin finish makes for a simple yet elegant look.

There are bullet scratches and dents from use throughout, but no major damage such as cracking.
The neck is in good condition and the frets are left with plenty of room.
The chord height is approximately 2.6 mm at 6 strings 12 F and 1.6 mm at 1 string.
It has been adjusted, cleaned and set up so you can use it right away.
Also, the overall browning gives it a nice vibe.

It doesn’t have the depth of the Standard Series, but the sound is extremely light and exquisite!

Original Hard Case