Martin Backpacker – Classical Nylon String – Vintage 1998

$ 239.95


Well, I never thought I’d be doing this as it was a Christmas gift from my wife at the time (1998) . but sentimentality fades with the memories. I loved this little guitar went with me all around the USA, but it’s time to say adios!

So, here it is for you!

If you need more pix, just ask, no prob!

It’s played around countless backcountry campfires, strummed on tops of mountains, and heard in the most remote locations on—and off—the planet. The Martin Backpacker goes wherever you do. Its sleek, slender body shape makes it easy to take almost anywhere and its crafted from solid tone woods for a clear, crisp sound, no matter where on earth you play it. Like everything else with the Backpacker, even the price is small.

Out Of This World. Literally!

Includes Gig Bag w/ strap >

Fun fact: the first guitar played in outer space was a Martin Backpacker. Astronaut and serious player Pierre Thuot took his guitar on a Columbia Shuttle mission in 1994 that flew 224 orbits around the earth. Why the Backpacker? It sounded great and was the right size to fit into Pierre’s flight compartment. See, it really does go anywhere.