Martin 1978 HD-28

$ 3751.30

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Product Details

Martin / 1978 HD-28

The HD-28 made its debut in 1976, as vintage-style acoustic guitars started to gain popularity in the 1970s. Following the footsteps of the revered D-28, this model saw an increase in production from its second year of release, becoming a long-running guitar that paved the way for vintage reissues.

The specimen we have acquired this time possesses a remarkably well-maintained condition that might lead one to mistake it for a recent model. While it does exhibit a few minor scratches and repairs for Martin cracks, considering its age, it can be described as a beautiful piece.

The original finish retains a lustrous sheen, a testament to its enduring quality.

Upon its arrival, the neck condition was already straight and commendable. However, we decided to further enhance the guitar by carrying out precise fret replacements in our shop. Our skilled craftsmen have meticulously performed this task, resulting in significantly improved sound quality. Although the fresh frets may initially feel slightly firm, they will gradually break in as you play, offering an enjoyable transformation. This guitar holds the promise of embarking on a musical journey reminiscent of the excitement of acquiring a guitar from that era.

Only the 3rd string peg has been replaced, and an aftermarket passive undersaddle pickup has been installed, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of plugging in.

The neck and all wooden parts of this guitar have been thoroughly inspected and adjusted by our skilled acoustic guitar craftsmen. Rest assured, every aspect is in excellent condition. The neck has been precisely adjusted to maintain straightness, eliminating any buzzing or fretting issues. The action at the 12th fret is set at approximately 0.098 inches on the 6th string side and 0.079 inches on the 1st string side, providing optimal playability.
Furthermore, the saddle protrusion is approximately 0.079 inches to 0.098 inches, allowing for precise customization to suit your playing style.

TOP: Solid Spruce
BACK/SIDES: Solid Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany
NUT WIDTH: 1.70 inches
SCALE: 25.4 inches
WEIGHT: 4.74 lbs
Electronics: Under Saddle Passive Pickup
CASE: Original Hard Shell Case

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