LTD TN 6N Natural (05/25)

$ 580.89

Second-hand goods of the thin line style Elegat “TL-6N” have arrived from the overseas brand “LTD” developed by ESP.
This instrument, which has a playability similar to that of an electric guitar, is designed by combining a 635mm scale mahogany neck with a small thin body, giving it the same comfort as an electric guitar.
Although the body capacity is small, it is possible to create a natural electric-acoustic sound by combining a spruce top, a full-scale material composition of mahogany side & back, and a B-Band output system equipped with a 3-band EQ. I can do it.
Since the under saddle piezo is adopted for the PU, it is possible to make a slightly hard and standing sound, and it can have a presence even in a fierce band sound.

There is no noticeable damage, but there are minor scratches due to the performance.

Product rank: B (good product)

Truss rod: There is room
Fret: 80% or more
Accessories: Soft case / genuine
Weight: 2.70kg < br> Serial: IW14084626

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