Lowden Pierre Bensusan Signature (new)

$ 7799.22

The Lowden Pierre Bensusan Signature model is based on Lowden’s F body size, which corresponds to the dimensions of a small jumbo or grand auditorium. And then molded to the specs of ‘s longtime friend and world-renowned master guitarist Pierre Bensusan.

The Lowden Pierre Bensusan Signature features a small but effective armrest bevel which helps minimize any ergonomic challenges presented by the body. The Maple fingerstyle neck is extremely stiff and adds sustain and a tad of extra brightness to the guitar. The Lowden fingerstyle neck width increases more than the string spacing as you move up the neck, providing more spacing between the outer strings and the edge of the neck at higher frets, perfect for vibrato on higher-pitched melodic lines. The Bensusan signature model exhibits the distinctive Lowden tone. Difficult to put into words, but hard to forget once you’ve heard it. The sound is loud and full, with meaty lower mids, a strong bass, and ringing highs. You will immediately notice a tremendous sustain and dynamic response. This is a lively instrument, with lots of overtones and sympathetic vibrations that leap out effortlessly. Not surprisingly, the guitar sounds superb in alternate tuning like DADGAD and adds a bit of authenticity to the sound of Bensusan pieces (which are almost exclusively in this tuning). Make no mistake: she is equally impressive in standard tuning. The instrument’s playability is excellent, with smooth, relatively low action, and a neck width that offers just a smidgen more room for fingerstyle players. The rounded neck profile feels substantial but comfortable, and the bevel and body shape make the guitar comfortable to hold.

The Bensusan model excels at more ethereal sounds that are perfect for modern fingerstyle. Cascading cross-string runs in DADGAD on the Bensusan model create a dramatic, shimmering harp effect, for example. The increased bass response may be due to its “bass-bias” bracing, which Lowden changed to compensate for the presence of the bevel, while the wood choices may at least partially account for the increase in sustain, brilliance, and overtones. Click the YouTube button below to get a sound impression of the impressive guitar by the master Pierre Bensusan!


  • Body shape: F-size
  • Top: AAAA Adirondack Red Spruce
  • Back & Sides: AAAA Madagascar Rosewood
  • Bracing: A-frame X-bracing with tapered “dolphin” shape
  • Neck: Five-piece Maple neck with dovetail joint
  • Neck shape: Fingerstyle 45-60
  • Fretboard: Ebony with Ebony binding
  • Headstock overlay: Ebony (back & sides)
  • Headstock back inlay: Bensusan signature
  • Armrest bevel: Ebony
  • Bridge: Black Rosewood with split bone saddle
  • Scale: 650 mm / 25.59-inch scale
  • Nut width: 45 mm – 1.77-inch nut width
  • Tuners: Gold Gotoh 510 tuners with Ebony knobs
  • Serial number: 27568
  • Frets to body: 14
  • Pickguard: clear
  • Documentation: warranty certificate and provenance document
  • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage hard shell
  • Pickup: Optional