Loog Pro Vi Acoustic Green Real Wwood Real Guitar Basswood Bbody Maple Neck

$ 239.14
  • Real wood, real guitar: basswood body, maple neck, perfect intonation and low string action for enhanced playability
  • Includes flashcards with chord diagrams
  • Includes full access to the Loog Guitar app (iOS and Android)
  • The Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar is perfect for ages 12 with an interest in learning guitar


Loog’s first 6-string guitar! The Loog Pro VI Acoustic was designed for 12 year-olds and above, including grown ups. Players who are ready for a 6-string neck, and thanks to the accompanying flashcards and app, will find it super easy to finally learn to play guitar. THE LOOG APP When you get a Loog, you get more than just a guitar; you get an instrument bundled with an app that has everything you need to start playing songs: video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook so you can learn guitar by playing real songs from your favorite artists. The Loog app has an Augmented Reality feature that allows you to learn guitar using the selfie camera!