Lava Lava Me Pro Carbon Fiber Silver

$ 1399.00

The Lava Me Pro is a portable carbon fiber guitar designed for live performers. It provides the elevated acoustic sound quality of professional performance at a fraction of the size. Earlier, this guitar had won the IDEA design award in the US

  • AirCarbon is an all-new structural material for the soundboard of the Lava Me Pro. It combines the strong carbon fiber layers and the lightweight honeycomb structure together. The AirCarbon is 30% lighter than the standard carbon fiber that has the same stiffness. With a gentle pluck, you can produce a bright dynamic & open sound.
  • L2 Pro is the electronic system in which Lava Music collectively worked with L.R. Baggs to maximum the live performance capability of the guitar. The system comes with a build-in preamp, as well as the reverb, delay, and chorus. With the Turbo button, the player can enhance the volume & tone with a simple push. And of course, the L2 Pro comes with the original FreeBoost feature. So artists don’t have to carry the pedals to rehearsal, even go on tour.
  • All-new Gravity structural design uses the soundboard as the top of a 3-dimensional object, then adds the volume and gravity with the design of optimization, the body grows into both strong and thin shape. This contributes to the reliability and portability of the Lava Me Pro, which allows people can perform and travel to be effortless.
  • For the body design, they used a high-density AirSonic material. With the carbon fiber bar & aluminum structure build-in to the neck. So the player can enjoy playing without worrying about the weather conditions.

Lava Me Pro is designed to provide the guitarist with a professional stage performance guitar. The other core components, such as the bridge, nut, and saddle, are made with high-stiffness polymer materials, which also play important roles in the transmission of sound vibration. Its portability allows musicians to record and perform anywhere.