Larrivee LS-03 2014 Red Spruce/Silver Oak

$ 1800.00

This is #9 of 10 made as a custom build for Notable guitars in 2014.
I can’t find a blemish and the guitar is in off-the-shelf condition.
Lots of tone and punch for a guitar this size.
Here is the build story from Notable:

This is an awesome Larrivee LS-03 that I commissioned in order to celebrate our status as the #1 Larrivee Guitars Dealer in the United States. I spoke with Matthew Larrivee about building a special run of guitars and this is what he and I decided to have built. It starts with the exceptionally balanced Larrivee LS body. This is the same shape as the Larrivee L body, but in a smaller size. It is approximately 1″ smaller in dimensions, giving it approximately the same interior body size as the OM. It is superb for fingerstyle, and also good for light to moderate strumming and picking. It is an incredibly balanced guitar, and every note rings out true and clear. We had 10 LS-03s built, and two LS-09s. The LS-03s are all satin, and the LS-09s are all gloss.  

We decided to go with Silver Oak, also known as Australian Lacewood for the back and sides. The Silver Oak has a strong fundamental, and great crispness and punch. To my ear it sounds like a really strong mahogany, but with a bit more low end and a bit more complexity. We decided to pair it with beautiful red spruce tops. I ordered some other guitars with the red spruce, and they were all tone monsters. I knew I wanted this same batch of red spruce to be used on this custom run. The next custom addition was so use the scalloped bracing that Larrivee just developed for the Legacy series. I was blown away by how powerful the OM-40 Legacy Series is, and the scalloped bracing is a big part of why it is so good. This had to go on this special run because I wanted it to be a smaller guitar that didn’t sound like a small guitar.

We also upgraded the appearance by adding the Torch headstock inlay. I have always thought that the Torch is a very classy looking inlay, elegant, and not too much to overpower the rest of the aesthetic. I have always liked diamond fretboard inlays, so these were added to further upgrade the appearance. Matthew thought that this special guitar needed special tuners, so he added the JCL Engraved tuners at the same cost as the standard tuners! These are excellent tuners, and they look great as well. We decided to go with rosewood body binding to give it a nice contrast to the lighter Silver Oak. Again, this worked extremely well and gives it a sharp look.

I also love the feel of a short scale guitar, and we had these built with a 24.9″ scale length. That makes the guitar feel a bit more supple, also making it a bit easier to fret. I find a short scale length really can make a guitar feel great in the hands, especially on an LS or OO body style. We topped it all off with a bone nut and saddle, and upgraded to the Larrivee Deluxe Archtop case as well. These special guitars needed a more deluxe case to match the deluxe appointments on this fine guitar.

Label Signed and Numbered by Jean Larrivee
Silver Oak Back and Sides
Red Spruce Top **(see below)
Rosewood Binding
Herringbone Purfling and Rosette
Larrivee Rounded Headstock
JCL Engraved Tuners
Diamond Fretboard Inlays
Short Scale Length
New Larrivee Scalloped Parabolic Bracing
Bone Nut and Saddle
Deluxe Hardshell Case

From another owner of one of these 10 built (from the Larrivee forum):

**It’s a red Sitka spruce top much redder than most sitka spruce. The story is that it was a sinker log that was submerged in water and the mineral properties were altered creating the reddish color but more importantly creating a much stiffer wood than Sitka typically is.