Juan Hernandez Guitar ‘Concierto’ 2017

$ 1758.69

.Solid European Spruce
.Solid Indian Rosewood
.Cedar neck with ebony strip
.650mm string length 
.52mm nut width
.Action 4mm bass 3mm treble 
.5 fan bars with floating cross harmonic bar
.machines gold plated
.Upper bout 29cm
.Lower bout 395cm
.G body resonance
.Nitro polish

Juan Hernandez guitars are actually now made and signed by Juan’s son Alberto, who is without doubt a very talented luthier. The whole family are well known makers of fine guitars from Valencia.

This guitar is the ‘Concierto’ model, large bodied in the Madrid school with fan bracing. All woods are of the highest quality. This guitar is particularly powerful with a clear round bass and a liquid sweet treble. The kind neck contour aids easy playing. Most comment on the attractive woodwork and very ‘Spanish’ look of this model with the bull horns head. RRP new is £1999.