Joseph Lopez Bellido Flamenco Approx 1970s

$ 2543.13

Joseph Lopez Bellido Classical/Flamenco Guitar approx 1970s.

This Guitar was purchased from a second hand store by my Mother for my Father during the 1970s.

The Guitar is in very good condition for it’s age, but the scratch plate is missing and the back panel of the guitar has separated ever so slightly – it is constructed of two panels which are joined, so this is the natural expansion of the guitars engineered construction.

Bellido is one of Granada’s most famous guitar builders. At the beginning of the 60s he learned the art of guitar making with Antonio Marin and his brother Manuel Bellido from Eduardo Ferrer. After his training, he quickly set up his own business and since then has been based in the famous Cuesta Gomerez in Granada with his workshop.

His guitars have seen the stages all over the world in the hands of great guitarists, both classical and flamenco.