HEADWAY HD Yozakura FS STD (05/24)

$ 1547.84

HEADWAY HD-Yozakura is in stock now. TOP is spruce veneer, side & back is cherry veneer. It is a glittering and clear sound with a uniform grain, but it has a profound feeling in the stroke. It is a guitar with a strong presence that can only be produced with this guitar. The whole is colored with the image of cherry blossoms at night, the deep red color is beautiful, and the expression changes greatly depending on the amount of light. The petal design of the position mark shines brightly even on the stage.

The truss rod remains about 90 degrees in the tightening direction. Although there are minor scratches, it has a relatively beautiful appearance as a used item.

Product rank: B

Truss rod: Tightening direction margin / Loosening direction margin
Neck condition: No problem
Fret: Remaining 80%
Case: Genuine hard case

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