Guild F40 1976 Blonde Acoustic Guitar

$ 2200.00

Hey everyone! 

I’m selling this absolutely exceptional 1976 Guild F40 Blonde with maple back/sides, spruce top, and rosewood fretboard. These have the arched back, like a violin, for a deeper voicing. 

I bought it from the original owner, but my bandmate and I need to tour with one guitar, and this one doesn’t work for her shoulder, so I’m passing it along. 

I’m amazed by the condition of this guitar. There is some light checking on the front, and one small nick in the varnish on the top, and some real light scratches on the back of the neck, but otherwise it is in extraordinary condition. The frets feel like new to me, so this must have been played really gently! It comes with the original case (in decent condition), with a Highlander IP-2 pickup blending system (uninstalled), a sound-hole pickup, and a vintage strap. 

My impression of this guitar is that it plays exceptionally well, with low action, smooth frets, a straight neck, and plenty of saddle. The tone is really dynamic, meaning it is capable of being very nuanced with light fingerpicking, but then holds its own and really projects with big strumming. To my ears, the sound is really balanced, warm, and articulate.  I’m impressed by how much that balance is maintained whether you play lightly or really dig in. I got this to replace a 1964 Guild F30, and I wish I’d had this F40 when I was in the studio last year, because it records beautifully, with more dynamics than the F30. 

Clearly if I keep talking I’ll decide not to sell it! First $2200 takes it!