Great deal on a Taylor 314ce with ES1 Electronics 2004 – 2013 – Natural

$ 850.00

This guitar plays perfectly, and could definitely be called “excellent“ in that respect. The ES1 system sounds beautiful — arguably better than the current models.

There are no external cosmetic flaws, however inside the inside of the sound hole has some stains. And in washing those stains the Taylor label became damaged as well. Please see picture of sound hole for details.

In full transparency I once lent this guitar to my friend and she was playing a show and not using a pick and she bled a bit inside. So that’s why I’m knocking an extra 300 off the price.

Guitar overall sounds awesome. I bought a different Taylor so this one is currently just sitting in the case. Recently changed the strings to Elixir 11s. Feel free to reach out with any questions.