Goodall Honduran Rosewood/Adirondack Standard Cutaway

$ 8700.00

The Goodall Standard is their flagship model, about the size of a dreadnaught with gentler curves. The combination of Honduran Rosewood and master grade Italian Spruce give this Goodall a “sweet” sound that is very responsive, rich with lots of complexities and the open sound that Goodall is famous for. The guitar had been plecked and plays well and in tune all the way up the neck. I added bone bridge pins. The original ebony pins are included.

Honduran Rosewood back and sides
Master Grade Italian Spruce top
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Venetian cutaway
Width at nut: 1 ¾’
Gold tuners with ebony buttons
Abalone inlay
Ameritage case with humidity control system

The only flaws in this guitar are two small wrinkles in the finish on either side of the center joint in the back, about 6 inches long each. They are not cracks. They do not show up in photographs and are difficult to see. You can barely feel them if you run your finger across them. I don’t even think they are worth mentioning, but I don’t want to sell a guitar of this value and risk someone complaining about them. Other than that, this guitar is in truly in near mint condition. I take it out occasionally to play, but it has rarely left my house.

Per the Goodall price list, the new price for this guitar is $13,700 minus the 10% discount that Goodall allows dealers to charge, which equals $12,330. It’s a good deal at $8,700 plus $100 shipping in the original box from Goodall.