Godin MULTIAC DUET NYRON Natural (05/24)

$ 1317.50

GODIN’s MULTIAC DUET NYRON is in stock now. Although it has a nut width of about 48 ?, it has good playability, and even an electric guitar player can play nylon sound relatively comfortably. The top of the spruce veneer has a mahogany semi-hollow body, and when you play it, you will feel that it is ringing firmly. It has a warm sound that is typical of Godan. It comes with a piezo and condenser mic and can be blended.

Although there is a feeling of use, the play condition is extremely good. The truss rod has about 90 degrees remaining in the tightening direction and can be adjusted sufficiently. Although it is used, there are few scratches, and it has a beautiful appearance as a used item.

A genuine gig case is included.

Product rank: B

Truss rod: There is room for tightening / There is room for loosening
Neck condition: No problem
Fret: Sufficient
Case: Genuine soft case

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