Godin Grand Concert 7 SA 2017 Natural – 7-String Classical, Natural, Synth Access

$ 1699.00

This is a 7 string grand concert SA (synth access) not the cheaper encore or ACS models.  

I love the way this guitar sounds.  It is (was) my favorite sounding guitar.  I got it because of the synth access but was pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful the acoustic sound is, both plugged or unplugged.

After having it for almost a year, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that my hands are too small and my brain too lazy to fully utilize the 7th string so I ended up getting the 6 string model.  Its a shame though, because this is such a beastly full sounding guitar.

One thing to note is that to play synth sounds you need to get a compatible synth pedal.   I used a Roland GR20(not included) which has midi out so once you get the midi out, the sky is the limit for what you can play with it.  And also even though this model is a 7 string, the hex standard that is used to connect with compatible pedals only accommodates 6 signals so the lowest string does not work to trigger synth sounds.  The analog signal can still be routed through the synth though so you can play it as an acoustic bass string.   This is by design, Godin, couldn’t support all 7 strings because of the limits of the communication standard.