Gibson Nathaniel Rateliff Signature LG-2 Western 2021 – Present – Vintage Sunburst

$ 2900.00

This here is a signature Nathaniel Rateliff LG-2 Western in excellent condition. It plays and sounds great. It’s such a versatile guitar and sounds beautiful when either fingerpicked or strummed. It holds up incredibly well to strumming with a heavy hand, which is hard to find in a smaller body guitar. It comes with its original case, certificate of authenticity, and all the case candy. It ships with a D’addario Humidipak to guarantee it‘s humidity levels are properly maintained.

It’s always been in a humidified environment set to 50%, or in it’s case. It’s in great shape cosmetically and only has surface level scratches that come from normal use and are really only seeable when light’s reflecting, most notably where the arm rest, as seen in the 5th pic. The nut has a dark mark that came with the guitar from the factory but does not effect playability or tuning stability. It’s completely free of any major dings and has not had it‘s neck strap button installed yet.

please let me know if you have any questions.