Gibson LG 1 Sunburst (05/24)

$ 2286.23

“LG-1 with narrow neck”

Made in 1966. Featuring a narrow neck with a measured nut width of approximately 39.5 mm.
Aged deterioration and usability such as dents, scratches, weather check, paint peeling and wear, chipped head edge, stand burn on the back of the neck, etc. can be confirmed, but it can be said that it is generally suitable for the model year. prize. The bridge has been replaced, the height has been modified, and the left and right sides of the saddle slot have been modified. The bridge plate is a trapezoidal plate with two rectangular plates stacked on top of it. It may be for repairing the deterioration of the string hole, but it is quite a dynamic repair mark. You can also ask about the reflet history. A strap pin is retrofitted on the back of the neck, and a sticker from an American musical instrument store is affixed to the back of the head.
The neck condition is correct, and the string height of the 12th fret is about 2.3mm for the 6th string and about 1.9mm for the 1st string. The saddle has been lowered to the limit, and it seems unrealistic to lower it below this, but at present, both playability and sound are perfect.
The dry resonance makes you feel vintage. It’s a boxy sound unique to ladder bracing, but it has a good sustain. This guitar is suitable not only for blues with fingers, but also for accompaniment of playing narration. The affordable price for a vintage is also attractive. First come, first served.
Top: Spruce
Sude & Back: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Brazlian Rosewood

: Made in 1966
Accessories: Non-genuine hard case
Serial : 802916

Product rank: B

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