Gibson Custom Shop 2013 Historic Collection Advanced Jumbo

$ 3683.09

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Product Details

Gibson Custom Shop / 2013 Historic Collection Advanced Jumbo

The Advanced Jumbo was created in 1936 and was manufactured for a very short period of time until about 1940.

It is the successor to the 1934 ‘Jumbo’ and has a 16″ round shoulder jumbo body with spruce top/rosewood sides and back and a 25.5″ scale neck.

The specifications suggest that it may have been designed with Martin’s dreadnought in mind, and as a Gibson lover, it is a very endearing model considering its ephemeral nature, having only been manufactured for a short period of time.

This time we have a 2013 Hiscolle model.

The first thing that catches the eye is the diamond/arrowheads inlay on the head and position markings, which is unique to Advanced Jumbo, and the fingerboard binding. It is a curious design that combines coolness and cuteness.

Other features include a rectangular bridge, firestripe pickguard, Waverley-type Grover pegs and other 30s-era specs, and a vintage-inspired look that’s also attractive.

The rosewood body and long scale specifications produce a massive, deep sound.

The glossy treble is different from other Gibson J-45s and Southern Jumbo and has a pleasant sound.

It doesn’t sound like a Gibson when you play it, but when you compare it with a Martin guitar, it makes you think ‘it’s a Gibson after all’, which is one of the appeals of this machine.

The neck has the grip of a late 30s neck with a thin C-shape.

The nut width is 44mm, which is not that wide, but the neck itself feels wide when you hold it.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone who loves Gibson and is looking for an unusual piece of Gibson guitar.

TOP : Spruce
BACK/SIDES : Rosewood
NECK : Mahogany
NUT WIDTH : 44.1mm
SCALE : 642mm
WEIGHT : 2.05kg
Electronics: n/a
CASE : Original Hardshell Case

[Playing condition].

– Neck and wood thoroughly inspected and adjusted by acoustic guitar specialist.

– Neck straight, no chatter or sound blockage

– String height at the 12th fret: 2.5 mm on the 6th string side, 2.0 mm on the 1st string side.

[5-year premium adjustment warranty]

– Playability adjustment support by acoustic guitar specialists who repair/adjust approximately 2000 guitars per year.

– Custom adjustments to suit your playing style are available.

– Separate estimate for fret replacement and other wear parts work.

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