Gibson Custom Advanced Jumbo Luthier’s Choice AJ Cocobolo 2006

$ 4000.00

You don’t see these getting posted on Reverb much anymore because people that have them are keeping them.  The Luthier’s Choice runs are totally different animals from the other reissues.  They are the only ones built to the true vintage specs. With a nice wide 1.75” nut width. Similar to the forties banner models Ive owned but without the baseball bat roundness.  Its a bit shallower and very comfortable. Tonally it has more power than any Montana built acoustic Ive come across, And there have been many.  It holds its own with my forties Southern Jumbo. But the notes on the AJ ring out more musically.  And the cocobolo rosewood zing adds that extra overtone atmosphere. Some believe cocobolo is the best substitute for brazilian available today.  It has a red spruce(adirondack) top.  Being that the instrument is 16 years old it has some signs of wear. But its a fair trade off for its open, played in, mature tone.  Nothing major just a few minor dings and scratches and some light crazing on the headstock. This particular set of cocobolo back & sides is mesmerizing. The grain is absolutely beautiful and the rosewood used for the fretboard and bridge is also stand out.   25.5” long scale neck and advanced bracing for extra power. Vintage style firestripe pickguard and open geared Waverly tuners. Includes Gibson hardshell case.