Gibson 1962 Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst

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Gibson / 1962 Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst

The Hummingbird made in 1962, which plays the finest vintage sound that has been played for many years, has arrived.
Gibson’s first square shoulder model “Hummingbird” was released in 1960.
This innovative look and dynamic sound will lead to the overwhelming support of the musicians at the time, leading to the announcement of Square Shoulder, Dove (’62).

This time, the individual was made in 1962.
The Hummingbird was shipped by 1962, 1254, and was actually smaller than the number produced in the year in 1963.
Early individuals are very rare items that are rarely available at present.

The body top is spruce.
The cherry sunburst with orange -colored cherry is very tasty and matches the pickguard.

A detailed checking for the scratches that tell the history.
The personality as a vintage guitar is finished in a coolness.
The mahogany used in the side back is full of eyes, beautiful and elegant.
It is also nice that a little redness remains on the body back.
It is a long -scale square shoulder model using a rare material Hakaranda for fingerboard/bridge.

The ultimate sound that can only be obtained without this specification is attractive.
It is a deep bass and powerful sound that sounds like a crisp treble and Zudon peculiar to the square shoulder.
It responds firmly to intense strokes, so it’s very comfortable to play.
How good it feels is that once you hold it, the sound will be comfortable and the time will melt.

Even if there is a hard time, if you sing a song while playing this guitar as much as you can, your heart will clear up.
It is one of the lifetime things that tells history with sound.

Made in year: 1962
Back and Sides: Mahogany
Finish Material: Lacquer
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Brace Pattern: X Brassed Non Scalloped
Tuners: Gotoh Gold (Replaced)
Scale Length: 645mm
Nut Width: 43 mm
Case: Non Original Hard Shell Case(Boblen)

[Performance condition]
-The acoustic guitar professional craftsman conducts thorough inspections and adjustments of wood
-The neck is straight, scared or stuffy
-12 String height on frets: 6 string side 2.5mm, 1.9mm 1.9mm side

It is an individual who repeats maintenance and understands that it has been used carefully.
-The nuts and saddles are replaced and the performance is good.
-Peg is customized to GOTOH gold peg.
-The bridge saddle is a special specification with a bone straight saddle mounted on the rosewood on the base.
-The body side has a jack again, and the back plate is reinforced with a patch.
In addition to this, there are no cracks or crack repair, and it is an individual that can continue to spin history.
-There is a strap pin attached to the end of the neck.

[5 years premium adjustment guarantee]
-Condifying playability by acoustic guitar specialized craftsmen with about 2,000 repairs/adjustments per year
-C custom adjustment consultation tailored to the performance style.
-Detal parts such as fret replacement are estimated separately.

[Adjustment / cleaning]
-Nal disassembly, thorough cleaning.
-Thorough coordination by craftsmen specializing in acoustic guitars

[Purchase / trade -in]
-Acoustic guitar/electric guitar/bass/wind instrument/effector expensive purchase.
-Cranged by specialists in each department.
-When purchasing our guitars, expensive purchase more than usual in trade -in.

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