Fender Newporter Classic Hot Rod Red Metallic (05/25)

$ 752.12

Beautiful second-hand goods, Fender Newporter Classic Hot Rod Red Metallic are in stock! !!
This series is the highest in the series with a new selling price of about 100,000 yen, but due to lack of stock, there is almost no stock in the market at present.

The top model that uses an all-veneer body and core material for binding and rosette !!
Newporter Classic is a guitar that realizes unique creativity with outstanding looks and energetic sound. ..
The specially designed middle-sized NEWPORTER body shape delivers a clear, powerful and balanced sound that perfectly backs up any singer.
Fully painted Sitka spruce top with natural solid mahogany on the sides and back.
Further design matching paint 6 inline bedstock, core binding and rosette for two-tone elegant beauty and performance.

The highest quality, uncompromising NEW PORTER Classic features optimized bracing for great resonance at low volume and upgraded bone nuts for great sustain. Equipped with a saddle.
Furthermore, the preamp system specially designed by Fender and Fishman to match the body shape of NEWPORTER allows you to listen to the natural sound of the guitar through the amp without damaging it.
The lightweight mahogany neck provides a great playing feel, and the slim tapered C shape fits any play style.
In addition, the Perfellow fingerboard and bridge polish the rich sound.
With great playing comfort and distinctive looks, the NEWPORTER Classic has an unmistakable Fender atmosphere that proudly challenges the tradition of acoustic guitar.

It is a model with dignity suitable for the top of the series. With solid sitka spruce on top and natural solid mahogany on the back and body, the distinctive headstock and beautifully decorated bindings and rosettes accentuate the elegance of this model, created just for the stage. I am.

It’s not completely unscathed, but it’s in pretty good condition as a used item.
We have adjusted it, but there is no problem with the neck condition, and the string height is about 2.0 mm on the 12th fret for both the 1st and 6th strings.
It is quite low among acoustic guitars. It is the setting of.

We have confirmed that the truss rod also works in both directions.

Even for free, it is a valuable model, but it seems that the probability that individuals in such beautiful conditions will arrive is quite low.
Early sales are expected. Please consider it as soon as possible.

: 2017
Accessories: FA-620 Deluxe Gig Case Bag
Serial: CGFA170809
Weight: 2.17kg

Product Rank: A

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