F. Esteve Requinto 6.0 Cut. Fishman PRO

$ 2175.00

Country  Valencia-Spain

Top Canada Cedar top

Back & Sides Indian Rosewood

Fingerboard Ebony

Scale Length 530 mm

Finish polyurethane

Nut Width 52 mm

The Francisco Esteve Requinto Alto Guitar, Requinto, model  6. Cut/ Electric  Fishman Pro- Blend is an all Solid Spanish-made instrument. It features a Canadian Ceder top, Indian Rosewood Back & sides, Cedar neck with Ebony bar insert, and Ebony Fingerboard. The Fishman Pro-Blend  Electronics is the top-of-the-line pick-up for the recording and performing artist. Thanks to the smooth Cutaway, the requinto guitar is easy to access the higher positions. The Francisco Esteve Requinto 6 Cut/ Elect has a strong projection, great balance, low action, and most important, Requinto Strings which are softer to your fingers than a standard guitar. The Francisco Esteve Requinto 6 Cut/ Elect Fishman Pro is a pleasure to play, for its size, well-balanced, and great projection.

Included with this requinto guitar are a GFS Deluxe Hard Shell Requinto Case, Ultimate Protector, Humitron humidifier, 1 extra set of Requinto strings, and a guitar cloth.

Watch the video below

The Requinto Guitar is tuned like a standard guitar, but a 5th higher ( A ). The Requinto Guitar is very popular in Trios, Quartets, and guitar Orchestras where the Requinto plays lead guitar the melody, and improvisation. Many guitar players love the Requinto to play the standard classical guitar repertoire for its smaller size ( 535mm scale length ) and the comfortable neck profile, It is ideal as traveling guitar, or while playing difficult pieces. Prudencio Saez Guitars are well-known worldwide for their excellent quality and outstanding sound.