Excellent Martin D-28 Authentic 1931. Beautiful tone!

$ 6200.00

I purchased this from one of the largest Martin dealers in the US (at least based on their inventory) some years back. I did not verify in person, but I was assured that this was ‘the’ pick out of three available because it went into their private collection. 

This is a Martin Authentic D28 based on a 1931 unit.  Apparently, 1931 is the very first year Martin made the D28 and back then, it was a 12th fret body with herringbone purfling that is now famously on the HD-28. This is the loudest guitar I’ve ever owned and has a full, rich Martin dreadnought voice with ample bass, and yet remarkably balanced. Interestingly, fingerstyle gets the full tone out, in addition to the pick. This has the richest tone of all the guitars I have ever owned. Truly a grand piano of a guitar. These are also difficult to find as long-term owners have sorted themselves out, and most are not looking to sell.  

There is plenty of saddle height as you can see in the photo. 

Here’s a video comparison between two authentics – this 12th fret vs a 14th fret.

Quick specs:

12th fret Dreadnought
1 7/8 neck
Tall Saddle, good action.
Adirondack Top
Madagascar Rosewood back and sides
Gloss finish
Original case

I would rate the condition as excellent with zero dings. Generous saddle. Original case. There is the telltale Adirondack coloration stripe on the top, but less accentuated in person. For some reason, the camera added contrast so that the strip looks more obvious than reality.

Finally, this is for sale for pick up in Southern California. This way, the buyer can actually evaluate the guitar in person before accepting delivery.  I will take this ad offline if I sell via any of the other local channels. 

Thank you.