Ed Dowling 12 Fret Special Kay – Solid Spruce Top – Pickup – Pro Level – VIDEO –

$ 780.00

DSL is my Reverb Brand – Dowling Sound Labs. I had a Kay with a solid spruce top and a typical 14 fret narrow neck. I replaced the neck with a 100 year old 12 fret neck from a parlor guitar. It had no fretboard – so I used a new Stumac 24.5″ scale maple fretboard. I moved the original bridge to its new 12 fret location right near the center of the lower bout. The guitar is stock, ladder braced – but it sounds very nice and has considerable volume and very good dynamic response. It top / neck area has 2 added braces to ensure that it will be stable over a long time. The body is laminate. The entire body – including the top – is full of small dings and scratches – but no cracks. I have taken care of a lot of the resulting minor cosmetic damage with my “special powers”and all like that. I make special guitars that make people happy – please read my feedbacks. This one will make someone very happy. I am adding more neat ones to my store – come by and try a few out. Dont come to Sedona for the view – come for the guitars……….

Scale: 24.5″, 1.80″ Nut, 15.00″ Lower Bout, 10.75″ Upper Bout, 19″ Body Length, 38″ overall Length

This thing is geometrically well balanced with the Neck and Body both at an equal 19″. The 12 Fret is the guitar of the future and ladder bracing can sound real good. Piezos also dont “clack” if treated right. Action is about .075″ Low E and .068″ High E at fret 12. Intonation is very good. It currently has a special polished aluminum Nut. I am also making a bone nut to compare tone – soon.

It cost me $120 to ship a guitar to New York – with Reverb shipping – so I had to stop – plus the anxiety of waiting for possible return. And now I have things in my store – which is usually empty because my stuff sells fast. Also my website eddowling.com is very guitar oriented – some leading edge acoustics and….