CFMartin LXK2 (05/24)

$ 455.78

Little Martin with a beautiful print pattern on the core material. It also comes with a solid dedicated bag, making it ideal for traveling.

The condition is not adjustable because the truss rod is broken. The 1st string side of the bridge is greatly peeled off. A contact pickup is retrofitted. A volume and tone knob are attached to the shoulder on the 6th string side. The output of the pickup is quite weak and you can think of it as a DIY level bonus. All of them, including these, are sold by JUNK as they are. Comes with an original soft case.

Truss rod:
Fret: About 60% to 70%
Year of manufacture:
Country of manufacture: Mexico
Case: Soft case / Genuine
> Product status: C: Junk
Serial number: MG14322

Product number: 2800000941697
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