Breedlove custom Concerto Moon Spruce & 500 years Esperanza Brazilian Handcraft electronics guitar

$ 8850.00

**********Custom version **********
**********THIS is an actual pics********

**********Custom version **********
**********THIS is an actual pics********

*Breedlove custom shop Concerto CE Moon Spruce & 500 years master class Esperanza Brazilian Handcraft electronics guitar

This Custom Masterclass Concerto acoustic guitar was recently completed by the craftsmen in the Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon. The concerto body surpasses the classic big body sound of the dreadnought, and comes to life with bright, warm tone.

Most luthiers, musicians, and collectors, agree that Brazilian rosewood takes the spot as the most prized tonewood in the world. Universally coveted, exceptionally rare, and heavily regulated, those fortunate enough to own a guitar made with Brazilian rosewood—and those who have had the opportunity to play one—know why. Brazilian rosewood is hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a chime-like ring that sustains. When cut, it has a delicious floral scent, similar to roses, thus the name.

Breedlove’s stock of Brazilian rosewood is not only legally certified, exquisite, and rare, it is completely stable due to the number of years these sets cured in a perfect climate prior to acquisition. These tone sets were cared for by experts for over 50 years in Spain before being transferred to the wood experts at Breedlove.

Esperanza Brazilian rosewood

Exceptionally dark, with occasional red streaks and exquisite spider webbing, the Esperanza sets are easily 500 years old. It is rumoured that these trees were found on the ranches owned by the facenderos in Brazil, left lying next to rivers, and it is assumed that the nutrients from the rivers contributed to the beautiful, deep chocolate-brown coloration. This incredibly exquisite wood has a rich glass-like tap tone that exhibits the very finest Brazilian rosewood tonal properties available today.

Body Type         : Concerto CE

Neck wood        : Honduran Mahogany

Top                     : Moon Spruce

Back & Side      : Master Grade 


Brazilian rosewood

( gloss )

Fretboard         : Ebony

Frets                  : 20

Nut Width        : 1.75″

Waist Width     : 9.37 “

Body Length     : 20.695″

Upper Bout       : 11.745″

Lower Bout        : 16″

Body Depth at neck : 4″

Sound Hole Diamerter : 3.75″

String               : D’ Addario XT PB Medium

Binding           : Tortoise

Inlay                :  4mm Dots

Scale Length  : 25.5″

Case                : Breedlove deluxe hardshell case