1958 Martin 000-18 Natural

$ 5000.00

Ive had this for a year and a half and selling it to buy another Les Paul . It plays/sounds/looks amazing , and far better than you would ever expect a 60 year old guitar that hasn’t yet had a neck set. The Grover tuners are original , the fretboard is Ebony, and a brass plate mate was installed because the bridge pin holes started to wear (see pics). This was installed with watered down Tite Bond Glue ( red label ) and can easily be removed if needed. Otherwise , the bridge plate is in excellent condition. As with the majority of vintage Martin’s , the pickguard curled and was removed, reglued , the cracks on either side were closed , and those cracks were reinforced with a cleat (plz refer to photos).
The roughest spot on this guitar is a patch of scratches at the treble side of the lower bout on the side , this could be remedied by shooting a flash coat of nitro over that area. I did my best to photograph those scratches . This guitar comes with a 1970’s Martin case .