Limited edition Nuno Bettencourt Signature N4 in Sapele – USA Custom Shop

$ 3000.00

For sale is a completely mint Washburn Custom Shop N4 in Sapele with gold hardware. Serial #0812032. I don’t have a certificate of authenticity but the story of this guitar was that it was a small custom shop run commissioned by Munky music (I think that was their name…) of around 12 guitars. I have been unable to find another example of an N4 in Sapele with gold hardware so it sort of checks out. This guitar has never been gigged and has spent its life either in its case or lightly used in the studio. Once it arrived here, it never left the building.

This guitar is completely mint. We will not find a ding or mark anywhere on the guitar. 0% fret wear. If it had tags, you would swear it was brand new. I’m not usually a fan of gold hardware but with the matte Sapele wood, it really pops. The Sapele wood has a tone similar to mahogany and adds that dense growl to the sound. Pair this up with a Mesa amp and you have a combo that will kill