2007 Washburn Idol/ Pilsen USA Custom Shop guitar

$ 1575.00

Lesser known and underrated guitar from the Washburn custom shop.

Came to me modded with Spertzel locking tuners, active pickups and
electronics. Kept the tuners 😀 (tuner change used different screw hole
replaced the wiring with a quality/passive Gunstreet wiring harness
(here on Reverb) which allows for push/pull splitting if you choose to
that route with future pickups. Currently wired with a Pariah Blackheart
bridge and Duncan (zebra!) Sentient neck humbucker. These sit nicely
tone wise in a 2″, resonant,
chambered body. Weighs in at just about 8 lbs. *Comes with Washburn

Has some scuffing and a small scratch or two but nothing major. Tried to provide well lit pics for your inspection.

Whoever initially modded this guitar
with active EMGs had cut back the ground wire flush to the body.
I teased it out and extended it to the passive circuit. You’ll see
that I labeled it to remind myself in the future lol.