Rickenbacker Model 325C64 Jetglo (05/22)

$ 3131.42

Rickenbacker Model 325C64, made in 2019.

Rickenbacker is a favorite of many artists due to its impressive looks and unique sound. It is a small guitar with a maple semi-hollow body set neck structure that reproduces the specifications of 1964, with a total length of 34 1/2 inches 87.6 cm and a thickness of 1 1/2 inches 3.81 cm. A 21-inch (53.34 cm) short scale neck with accent vibrato and vintage-style toaster top pickups.

There is some usability such as paint roughness on the outer peripheral edge of the body, scratches and cloth wiping streaks, and cloudiness of metal parts. The originally low fret mountain is at a height that does not cause any problems in playing, and remains approximately 0.70 mm overall. The truss rod can be tightened and loosened, and its operation has been confirmed up to } 90 ‹.

This is one of the features of the Liverpool sound that JL loved, a feeling that can never be imitated by other models.

Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Attached case: Hard case
Accessories: Wrench
Serial number: 19 12684
Weight : 3.08kg

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