Rickenbacker 450 Fireglo 1965

$ 2500.00

This is a great vintage 1965 Rickenbacker 450!  Finish is a very cool darker fireglo. EB etched on the bridgeplate.

Overall the guitar is in great shape, and looks newer than it is.  however, there are some dings and dents here and there when you start looking for them.  
The worst issue is the pickups and electronics were replaced with 90’s era toasters and pots.  The bridge pickup capacitor was added as well.  Honestly, it may be even better with the hotter toasters in this solid body guitar!

there is a pretty bad scratch on the neck in a v shape – it is not a crack, just finish damage.  there are two other larger dings, one in the cutaway and one on the headstock.

The frets are low on these period, and this one has been leveled at least once.  I think it plays fine, and if you like rics you already don’t mind small frets, but the time will come sooner than on some guitars that it will need replacements. 
I believe there is finish on the fingerboard, but it is thinner than other rics I’ve played – tried to show it in the pictures.  I have never played another vintage ric so I do not know if this is how they all are, or some of them, etc.
This is a fun little rocking guitar with some great sounds and an unbeatable vibe!