Rickenbacker 366/12 1967 Jet Glo (Black)

$ 5999.00

Near collector-grade 1967 Rickenbacker 366/12 in original jet glo black and with factory “comb”. All original except one tuner is a vintage single line Kluson. Original case included too. Only a little buckle rash in the back, which can be seen only at certain angles. I purchased this as a keeper in my personal collection, but recently had the opportunity to purchase a Gretsch duo jet, so need to make room in the display case. This is a great, rare find in excellent condition and at a very competitive price

The “comb” is Rickenbacker’s unique string converter, introduced in 1966. It changes the guitar from twelve to six strings via a lever that pulled the strings down against the frets (and out of the way). When not engaged, the guitar is a “normal” twelve string. The 366/12 was a model 360-12 with a comb.